100% Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants Around the World (eBook)

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Happy Celiac
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No more spending hours upon hours finding gluten-free restaurants in your hometown or abroad, and no more packing two suitcases filled with gluten-free foods. And of course, no more asking a million and one questions, only to be looked at like an alien or get a plate filled with pasta or bread! But most of all, no more compromising your health at restaurants claiming to have safe gluten-free options.

Those are things of the past!

With this book, you’ll have the biggest and ONLY resource for finding 100% dedicated gluten-free restaurants wherever you go at your fingertips!

With over 1000 gluten-free restaurants and bakeries in popular destinations like Italy, France, and even exotic places like Bali, your life as a celiac will never be the same.

8 Excellent Reasons to Buy this Book:

  • Limited Offer: Get free lifetime access to all updated versions of this book.
  • Discover & eat at over 1000 dedicated gluten-free restaurants around the world.
  • Travel stress-free knowing there’s a place where you can eat worry-free. No need to ask a million and one questions anymore.
  • Visit and explore more countries around the world without two suitcases packed with gluten-free food.
  • No need to spend hours researching anymore! Plan less and enjoy more.
  • No more compromising your health at restaurants claiming to be safe.
  • Bring a bit of spontaneity back to your life.
  • Eliminate the risk of getting sick when eating out.

So what are you waiting for? A whole new life filled with food and travel awaits you! Become a Happy Celiac already :D

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$29.95 $19.95

100% Dedicated Gluten-Free Restaurants Around the World (eBook)

1 rating
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